The 3rd International Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Cloud Computing

ALGOCLOUD is the international forum bringing together international researchers, students, and practitioners to present research activities and results on topics related to algorithmic, design, and development aspects of modern cloud-based systems. ALGOCLOUD is  co-located with the ALGO Congress, a leading international meeting of researchers working in algorithms and their engineering.

Temporary free online access: “Algorithmic Aspects of Cloud Computing, Third International Workshop, ALGOCLOUD 2017, Vienna, Austria, September 5, 2017, Revised Selected Papers”

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Babak Falsafi (EPFL, Switzerland) will be a keynote speaker at ALGOCLOUD 2017.

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Accepted Papers

Klaus-Tycho Foerster, Mahmoud Parham and Stefan Schmid.
“A Walk in the Clouds: Routing through VNFs on Bidirected Networks”

Takehiro Ito, Naonori Kakimura, Naoyuki Kamiyama, Yusuke Kobayashi, Yoshio Okamoto and Taichi Shiitada.
“Tight Approximability of the Server Allocation Problem for Real-Time Applications”

Theodore Andronikos, Alexander Singh, Konstantinos Giannakis and Spyros Sioutas.
“Computing probabilistic queries in the presence of uncertainty via probabilistic automata”

Galia Shabtai, Dan Raz and Yuval Shavitt.
“Risk Aware Stochastic Placement of Cloud services: The Case of Two Data Centers”

Demetris Trihinas, Zacharias Georgiou, George Pallis and Marios Dikaiakos.
“Improving Rule-Based Elasticity Control by Adapting the Sensitivity of the Auto-Scaling Decision Timeframe”

Alexander Singh and Dimitrios Tsoumakos.
“Towards an Algebraic Cost Model for Graph Operators”

Gilad Kutiel and Dror Rawitz.
“Service Chain Placement in SDNs”

Evaggelos Golemis, Katerina Doka and Nectarios Koziris.
“Automatic Scaling of Resources in a Storm Topology”

Galia Shabtai, Dan Raz and Yuval Shavitt.
“Risk Aware Stochastic Placement of Cloud services: The Multiple Data Center Case”


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