Camera Ready Instructions

Camera Ready and Copyright form instructions

Please, take the reviewers’ comments carefully into account when preparing the final version for the ALGOCLOUD 2017 post-proceedings and format your work according to Springer’s ARCoSS/LNCS stylefile, as described here.

Regular papers are allowed a maximum of 30 pages (including references), while survey papers are allowed a maximum of 40 pages (including references).

The camera-ready version of your accepted paper must be in one zip archive containing: (a) all source files (docx, or  latex files and figures), (b) the PDF file of your paper and (c)  the printed-completed-signed-scanned Consent to Publish form (PDF).

Print the LNCS-Springer_Copyright_Form, fill-in ALL the required fields, sign it, scan it, and include it (as a PDF file) in the same archive file with the final version of your paper,  as mentioned above.

After having prepared the camera-ready zip archive, upload the zip file here  (no dropbox account needed) naming the zip file using the first author’s last name; for instance  for a paper with authors “Jeff Ullman and Jennifer Widom”, the filename should be “”.

The deadline to upload the camera-ready archive is 30 November 2017. Please note that this is a firm deadline for the production of the post-proceedings.